Educated as an architect, born as a traveler and photographer, Mauricio de la Garza Clariond has always believed in the importance of the classical aesthetics and philosophies. Mal de Mar, Mauricio’s personal project, started as a multidisciplinary house where architecture, interior design, photography and travel projects merge as one. 

De la Garza Clariond is now based in Mexico City and has participated in several important art fairs like Zona Maco and Material Art Fair, a solo show in 2019 at Fundación de Artistas in Mérida. His studio is based in Mexico City.

When studying architecture in Mexico, Mauricio participated in several exchange programs in Florence and Rome, where he studied Classical, Renaissance and Baroque art and architecture. And that is when his relationship with Classical architecture began. 

Art, architecture, traveling and photography are all basic weapons for appreciating our world. They are all interconnected. For Mauricio, his studies in the Arts and Architecture shaped his perspective on life, while photography is the tool he uses to share his perspective on cultural heritage and its conservation.

“Architecture is everything to me. More than space, scale or mass, it's the way I see things around me. But what I love most about it is how it plays with a person's emotions through light and scale.” 

Mauricio will continue documenting art and architecture around the world, sharing his story, finding beauty and oneness of the human race and its coexistence with our planet through his photographs. 

Classical Architecture has always been a source of inspiration for de la Garza Clariond; its cultural heritage, its light, its rhythm, its beauty, is all found in the symmetry and balance of Mauricio’s artwork. 

In 2020, de la Garza Clariond published his first book “Latitudes of Reverence to an Endless Sun”, a selection of photographs and personal texts, an ode to light (the Sun) and its effects throughout the latitudes of different cultures, physical features, local architecture and spiritual manifestations.

In 2023 Rizzoli NYC published de la Garza Clariond’s photographic work in the book “Jorge Loyzaga: Classic and Harmonic Proportions Architecture of a Gracious Lifestyle.”

"The more I travel and the more people I meet I have come to understand that everybody is very much the same, anywhere. We all share the same love, the same feelings, and the same purposes in life.However, every person has its own uniqueness and character that can be inspiring and memorable. And so happens with every place I visit. There are always some repetitive motifs or influences from other cultures but the final result is never the same when combined and adapted with local identity."

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